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There is nothing more paradoxical than the women’s friendship – after standard words and smiles Ladies may curse each other behind the back. However, more often than not the violent desires of Real Ladies remain only desires. Truth to be told, sometimes they are exhausted from fighting them. In order to give utterance to the darkest and most destructive passions, we invented this project - "My BOOM!"

In a studio representing decorations of various apartments, two teams of real Ladies get into a "cruel" fight in each episode - the blondes against the brunettes, the skinnies against the "fatties".They will fight not with each other but with the most precious for each woman – her cozy housing.

Each team (3-4 girls) brings some interior design items precious for them, "favorite things", and puts them in a prepared decoration of “their” apartment. It shall be done so that the opponent would not guess what their favorite set is and what just decoration.

Then the teams will have exactly five minute to break the opponent’s apartment to pieces. The winner is the team that manages to destroy more favorite vases and candlesticks of the opponent and leave intact most of the elements of decoration. Happy and flushed warriors will get a prize from the Host!


Of course, the destructive impulses need to be under control. The Host will explain the rules to the teams, listen to the stories why the girls brought this specific lamp or mirror, ensure that the participants are not injured during the battle.

Then the Host will offer to the teams to choose "weapons". These may be heavy bats, down pillows and even a pair of boots - most weapons will be absolutely unusual as such and will only complicate the "destructive" task.

If the battle involves, for example, the teams of unmarried and married women, the decorations will be according to the status of women – some will have scattered things of her husband and wedding photos in ugly frames, and the opponent will have flowers from admirers and presents. Of course, the decoration is made so that the "favorite things" get lost in the surroundings, in order to complicate the task for the teams.

Each battle will have two rounds with their own decorations. Before the destruction, the Host will note exactly the location of "favorite things" of the opponents, and the viewers will see infographics reminding of the game Battleship - in the process of destruction you can immediately see how many "favorite things" are still intact. Commenting the destruction of the opponent’s room, the Host will try to confuse and mislead the girls - "Is this vase can really stand in the bedroom of a real Lady!?"

When the battle is over, the Ladies will mourn over the forever lost "favorite things" and happily embosom the intact ones. During the final credits the Ladies who lost will tell how dear for them the lost "favorite things" were, and we will show the funniest moments of the battle.

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