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18 participants land on the picturesque islands at the end of the world. They are people of different ages, men and women; half of them can be considered “Celebrities”, and the others are different interesting personalities with impressive characters. They have one thing in common – their proportions are far from canonical 90-60-90.

No, they are not yet fat as in “The Biggest Loser”, but it is obvious that each of them wants to lose weight.

Two teams will be formed from the participants. Of course, every team will have “Celebrities” and common people, who would never meet anywhere else…

One of the teams will have two months to learn the harmony with nature, and their opponents - to experience the most sophisticated practices of local priests. But the Hosts do not specify which team will live in a luxury resort and which one will huddle together in miserable shanties with simple fishermen.

After the draw both teams meet the local guides and start their adventure, discussing what is better – harmony with nature or secrets of the priests.

...Soon one of the teams will merge in harmony not only with nature but with a small community of local fishermen, who spend most of the time in the ocean on their fragile boats. Another team will get straight to the table of the priests-masseurs, who will test the chakra of each participant with the finest treatments under the cover of a luxurious SPA resort.

The goal of both teams is the same: lose as many kilos as possible. The participant who completes the tasks at all stages of the game and loses more kilos will receive a valuable prize. But it’s not so easy...

However, until the person who loses weight better is determined, the teams will have to go through several stages, completing different tasks. All of them, to one extent or another, will be designed to allow the participants to become slimmer, stronger and better. Completion of tasks will affect the value of the prize: each hero will hope that in the end he will take it. But not everyone will stay in the game until the end.

After each stage the Hosts will weigh both teams on huge scales, made of improvised materials by the locals. The winning team will be the lighter team, i.e. the players in which managed to lose more weight. And the team that weighs more will have to decide which of its members will go home and lose the opportunity to win the prize.

In each episode the players will go through a certain stage in their self-perfection. For the inhabitants of the paradise resort these will be personal diets, different massages and saunas, hydrotherapy, yoga and pilates, respiratory gymnastics. Thous who lose weight with fishermen will learn many new things about the inhabitants of the depths, edible and inedible, learn how to catch them using peculiar gears and just with bare hands, acquire skills of sailing fishing boats and sailboats, learn how to swim faster than fish and climb palm trees like monkeys.

There will be only two participants at the final – one from each of the opposing teams. The person who lost more weight with respect to its own performance in the beginning of the game will win the prize and go to the nearest snack bar...

Reality Show, Adventures, TV Game

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This project is in pre-production phase.

13x24 (12 Weeks Season)


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