Eternal Life


The Story

Based on the novel by Dušica Labović

The plot of this animated feature puts forward the inner world of a blind girl and her attempts to find an elixir that might bring back the gift of sight.

Her experience serves as an essential metaphor for those of us who find our places in this world without discovering the reason for our existence. Her name is Poe. In the aftermath of her mother’s death, Poe closes all doors to the outside world; these having been scant to begin with. At precisely the moment when salvation is called for, an old man enters her life. Denver is heir to an ancient discipline, which according to legend has the power to render a man immortal. However, he has one more goal, to entice the girl to embark on a journey. Denver promises to help Poe find the elixir that will restore her sight. On that journey, she begins to reveal one of the greatest mysteries of mankind: that people who are physically able to see are often quite blind!

Animation, 2D, Animated Series, Cartoon

Project Info

This project is in pre-production phase. The main script for the series, storyboards for all episodes (except dialogues) and all graphics (incl. main and secondary characters, backgrounds and objects are ready.

Animated Series for TV and/or Web

Children (Ages: 4+)

Copyright Status:
In process

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