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The Story

The main storyline of the series is the struggle of a couple of friends, Horseman and his racing horse called Beehorse – against grim Mightiq Nust who uses deceit to lay his hands on DancBank, – a huge castle, where he keeps poor dances under spell. Unsuspecting fans of dancing come to DancBank hoping to learn new dances but instead they lose even their own ones.

However, Horseman manages to escape from the trap and decides to help the country dwellers who turn sad without dances. With support from brave Forest Dancers and Air Dancers he prepares the prisoners release!

But it’s not that easy – Nust summons CloudSnakes and other powerful creatures – Clumbsteps and JaJampers to help him, and they can track anyone.

Horseman, Beehorse and their new friends would have to find secret artifacts, which can help03 them to trick their pursuers, and turn formidable Nust associates into their allies.

In order to make the world inhabited with dances more real we present a technology in which all advantages of clay animation, 2D-animation are combined. Our characters are so vivid you’d want to touch them, and there’s something incredible going on around them all the time!

Animation, 3-D, Clay, Animated Series, Cartoon

Project Info

This project is in pre-production phase. The main script for the series, storyboards for all episodes (except dialogues), all clay-objects (incl. main and secondary characters, backgrounds and objects are ready.

Animated Series for TV and/or web

Children (Ages: 2-5)

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