In Love: Reload
In Love: Reload!

In Love: Reload

Scripted Reality

The focus of the viewers is on two couples, whose relationships have hit a dead-end, each couple is on the verge of divorce, but the spouses still hope to save the marriage by some miracle. And only an extreme show "In Love: Reload! " can help them.

Both couples will have to go to an adventure in the most beautiful places of the world to perform the Host’s tasks, where they will understand that they are still in love with each other or will break up forever...

...At first our participants feel that they are in heaven: caressing surf and hot sun will make anyone romantic! But the Host of the show and her assistants from local residents have prepared for a lot of dramatic surprises for the lovers – for example, no one of assistants speak couple`s native language! In this situation couples must find a way for a communication, not only to the local residents, but with a partner too.

The couples will have to live another way of life: language, customs, food, standards of beauty. All these stages will allow a long-time partners to look at each in a completely different way — a coward will jump on the wild horse, and a dawdle will become a dashing diver!

From episode to episode the tasks will become more complicated and may be impossible for someone. But giving up means not only the shame in the eyes of a beloved person but also losing the points given to each couple for successful completion of tasks. The couple that gets more points will have an opportunity to spend their “second” honeymoon in a luxurious hotel.

At the end of the 4th episode, the winning couple saves their relationships or breaks up definitely: if at least one of the winners doubts his or her feelings (or the sincerity of the partner’s feelings) he or she may take a half of the value of the prize at the last moment and start a new life.

Scripted Reality, Adventures, TV Game

Project Info

This project is in production phase (post-production of pilot saison).

4x24 (12 Weeks Season)


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