Eternal Life
Eternal Life

Five Minutes of Eternal Life

The Story

Do many of you want to become a princess? Isn't this cool? But it's not simple as that, if you are a Heiress to the Throne and the World of the Wall is impending over your domain, a huge sphere, slowly devouring everything around it. And it's getting even worse when a terrible monster Uchmechmoe kidnaps you in the midst of the Celebration of Benevolence in order to take you beyond the sphere, where time goes quite differently. You'd probably be upset. But heiress Danve finds enough strength to win her love back, she helps the beautiful prince from the alien world to defeat giant Angoddo and save not only her subjects but the whole Universe... Oh, sorry - but in order to do that she had to turn into a terrible weapon. So, have you change your mind about being a princess?

Animation, 3D, Animated Series

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This project is in pre-production phase.

Animated Series

Children (Ages: 7+)

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