Melody Hunters
Temple Murmur

Melody Hunters

The Story

Every summer brother and sister Donderrou spend at Grandmother Gro — in a strange house near the sea shore. But this summer was very special indeed! Even before Grandmother Gro always used to sell various present – each to one’s liking. These were not just knickknacks – but song which granny wove herself out of musical notes, cultivated at her garden — there were a lot of customers and the children helped the old woman.

Donn and Derrou are very different. Donn is a boy who always wants to try everything, and search for something new fills all his time. His sister Derrou is a real genius, she is always into some craftwork. And her inventions, sometimes silly, and more often — just incredibly cool, help her brother to get out of most difficult situations. And the boy can create those from every commonplace event – let alone the real notes hunting!

This time brother and sister decided to collect the notes for songs on their own! That is how they found new friends — Plok and Brolt, who started to help them seeking around for even most rare notes, so that the songs get even more cheerful! Sometimes the search leads them to most strange places – but the friends are always ready for any adventure.

Indeed, everyone needs a nice song! A famous cook, and mother of little Plok, and a pirate, and even the Sea Lord - Donderrou family and their friends will pick up a present for all! They are just natural born melody hunters. If you sing this song once, you will not be able to stop, ever!

Animation, 2D, Animated Series, Cartoon

Project Info

This project is in pre-production phase. The main script for the series, storyboards for all episodes (except dialogues) and all graphics (incl. main and secondary characters, backgrounds and objects are ready.

Animated Series for TV and/or web

Kids (6+)

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