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Real Freaxx

Real Freaxx

The Story

Several friends, accidentally turned by a clumsy shaman into creepy weirdos, are trying to find the spell which would help them to turn normal again. But because of this dangerous search the friends come to a conclusion that something is wrong not only with them, but also with the world around.

Main Characters

Cheerful jumper Crank - cheerleader and incurable joker, whose lack of fear is explained not so much by his bravery as by his stupidity and bravado.

Philosopher Plaque - physicist, coward and whiner. Always a doubtful geek, guilty of all the problems of his friends. Secretly in love with Uchma, but is terribly afraid of that, too.

Silly glamorous girl Uchma - ex-beauty queen, who is rapidly smartening up during the search of the shaman and in the end, obtains the skills of a real fighter.


Each part of the series is dedicated to the search of another tip – where the dodgy shaman can be found, or maybe someone else who might know the alternative ways to return the normal appearance to our heroes. Friends are following tracks, facing new dangers, powerful enemies and unexpected allies.

On their way they accidentally save worlds, rob treasuries, free “fair” alien princesses – but, with every step getting close to transfiguration, they never reach it due to their chronic disability to do anything in a proper way.

In addition, two friends have been engaged in the search for their true appearance for such a long time, that, sometimes, just like the characters of “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead”, start to doubt their own identity, - that is why they are not very much surprised when because of a failed experiment, they indeed turn out to be trapped in someone else’s body. And only the resourcefulness of the fatal beauty Uchme saves them in every predicament.

When in the end, it seems like the friends succeeded to return the normal appearance to themselves, and harmony – to the world, they realize in horror that by that time they have become disaccustomed to either of these…

Adventure comedy, Animation, 2D, Animated Series

Project Info

This project is in pre-production phase. The main script for the series, storyboards for all episodes (except dialogues) and all graphics (incl. main and secondary characters, backgrounds and objects are ready.

24x12', 2D+CGI

Children (Ages: 6+)

Copyright Status:
In process

Development Stage:

We offer: Co-Production

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