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EVILine and Goody Boy

EVILine & Goody-Boy

The Story

Teenage she-demon EVILine has to submit some hardcore kind soul to the evil forces as her exam. So, she is to deal with A-student named Gil and nicknamed Goody-boy. He should come as easy prey for cunning EVILine! But suddenly all hopes for diploma to be obtained soon are brutally destroyed! No matter what crafty schemes the witch devised, every time resourceful Goody-boy keeps turning the situation to his advantage and evil spells start to serve the good cause, horror-stricken by that themselves.

In despair, EVILine is applying more and more risky and ominous measures. It leads her to the trap of the real Evil, compared to which all mischiefs of EVILline look like a child’s tricks. Now the mere existence of both worlds – human and demonic – is at stake. The mysterious group abducts various creatures and, using their powers, fills the somber Crypto-Park with their empty shells. For the sake of the common salvation EVILine is forced to seek help from her curse – Goody-boy. Having their best sides combined, craftiness of EVILine and Goody-boy’s clear thinking, the two friends expose the cunning plan of the Crypto-Park owners and restore the balance between the two worlds.

Adventure, Animation, 2D, Animated Series

Project Info

This project is in pre-production phase. The main script for the series, storyboards for all episodes (except dialogues) and all graphics (incl. main and secondary characters, backgrounds and objects are ready.

24x12', 2D+CGI

Children (Ages: 6+)

Copyright Status:
In process

Development Stage:

We offer: Co-Production

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