My lovely Balcony
Balcony Girl

My lovely Balcony

The Story

A little girl is growing up in small town, with her mother and a stranger fellow-alcoholic who keeps raising scandals and shouts. The mother takes it out on the girl, and once, passing by in a trolley-bus and looking at the houses covered with balconies, invents herself a painted alter-ego, the Balcony Girl, a jolly and funny one. She can live with different parents – designers, physicists, spies. And once they were invented as aliens. And in order to keep away from boredom, the Balcony Girl invents herself a friend with whom it’s fun to play and fool around – he’s called Nutty-Boy. With him she used to “sort of” going around the world - she was in Paris and Italy, and New York, they even made it to China. But in reality, the Balcony Girl simply grew old. Her mother died, her mother’s boyfriend-alcoholic died, too. And so, in attempt to find her Nutty Boy, she gets acquainted with various freaks, while getting disappointed in life more and more. Once, after another difficult parting, she remembers how she used to travel in her fantasies – and she manages to start living other people’s lives once again! She is a tourist girl in love in Mexico, who is getting deep in local adventures, or a girl from Berlin who is trying to escape from some mysterious catastrophe, or a psycho-artist escaping from GULAG or some other concentration camp, either in the future or in the past… Sometimes she screws around in her reincarnations and does not notice her fantasies leading her to where she, as a matter of fact, should not be. And so it seems to her, that she is a beauty that grew old, who forgot how to talk and was put to the nut house. There she ran completely wild and gradually she dissolves in the chain or her reincarnations – but, having got a grip of pieces of her fantasies she tries to have her happy life back. And the NuttyBoy, of course...

Project Info

This project is in production phase. The main script for the series, storyboards for all episodes (except dialogues) and all graphics (incl. main and secondary characters, backgrounds and objects are ready.

Feature-film, 120’ live-action and 2D animation


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