My lovely Balcony
Balcony Girl

My lovely Balcony

The Story

Every cheerful girl should have kind-hearted parents, even a Balcony Girl. But she lives in the Orphanage for children, and her lively nature does not fit a gloomy place like that. The Head Mistress of the Orphanage in a very strict and stern woman, and she does everything to get rid of the orphan and to place the girl in a new family.

However, the Balcony Girl does not want to join neither the spy’s family, nor the fashion designers’ family. She fails to live in the astronauts’ family and in the family of aliens hiding among humans. She doesn't want it and that's all! All these families are nice, but the Balcony Girl doesn’t lose hope to find her own family. The Nutty Boy, her true friend, is the one to help her all the way. Searching for her native home is the animated series main theme. However, we made our best to tell this story with humor, as our characters hate boredom!


Every episode starts when the Head Mistress introduces the Balcony Girl to her new adopting parents and ends when the main characters return back to the Orphanage. In every family the Balcony Girl and the Nutty Boy face a new mystery. Our story brings them to the world’s most secluded places as well as to the noisy megalopolises, caves, and even to the neighboring Galaxy! From episode to episode our friends either find themselves in difficult situations or get their “new family” into trouble, and then they get out of these troubles together. The Balcony Girl deals with all these problems and in the meantime she collects artifacts and data on her family. Sometimes she gets closer to unveiling her family’s secret; but sometimes she loses all the threads again. But never for one minute does she lose hope that she finds her relatives some day.

Every episode of the series is based on the following structure:

1. The Girl arrives to a new house where her new adopting parents live.

2. She settles down at the new place and the Nutty Boy crawls out of the secret pocket in her bag.

3. Throughout an episode the Head Mistress secretly keeps an eye on the Balcony Girl.

4. The Balcony Girl and the Nutty Boy face the next challenge related to the new adopting family. The new adventure is very dangerous. The Balcony Girl and the Nutty Boy meet new friends. The main characters escape danger. The positive characters win, and the negative characters get what they deserve.

5. The friends return back to the Orphanage. The Balcony Girl becomes one step closer to unveiling her family secret.

The world and main characters

The world where the Balcony Girl lives resembles our world to a great degree, but with some differences. All people in this world are ordinary, but no one wonders why the girl has a balcony on her head, and why the boy has a nut on his head. And these characters are not even the most freakish ones that the audience will see in this world. But, just like in our reality, everyone in this world pretends that everything is all right. The world of our series is the world of adults, where a youngster tries to find herself and her way home, sometimes making mistakes, but always being honest and open to everyone around.

The Balcony Girl is an ordinary child; she is about 10 years old. But it turned out that she has a balcony on her shoulders. The balcony does not bother her at all; a cheerful chickadee made a nest under the railing, and the bird is always ready to help the girl. A dull cactus is bored in the window, but still he is a partner for conversation. It is possible to find everything for a real adventure in the balcony: a rope, a knife, and a torch, even some fruit in glassware. The Balcony Girl is always ready for the most incredible events! She pulls any mysteries or dangerous adventures like a magnet. She accepts them with humor and she likes to make a joke. That is why the strict Head Mistress, the manager of the Orphanage, tries to get rid of the naughty girl as soon as possible. The Balcony Girl has seen many adopting families, and it is not so easy to surprise her, but every time she comes across something absolutely unimaginable. And every time the Balcony Girl helps her new “relatives” in order to ask in return for help to find her real family.

Nutty Boy - he got to the Orphanage by chance. The scientists were developing an experiment to create a super-brain, but the result was Nutty Boy. He was sent by post mail to a boarding school for gifted children but the parcel was delivered to the Orphanage. The strict Head Mistress decided that it that was the right place for him to stay.
The Nutty Boy wins all the prizes in annual math academic competitions for the Orphanage. That is why the management of the Orphanage has to put up with his friendship with the Balcony Girl. Every time she is sent to a new family the Nutty Boy hides in clothes and stuff, and then he helps his friend in all her hilarious and sometimes dangerous enterprises. But, unfortunately, after some time they have to go back to the Orphanage, to the Head Mistress.
This strict lady has been managing the Orphanage for the past 30 years. And she has never met a child like the Balcony Girl, who absolutely resists upbringing. The Head Mistress tries to find special kind of families for the girl, the families, where the girl would surrender, calm down, and finally stop searching for her relatives. The Head Mistress knows the mystery of the girl’s appearance in the Orphanage, but she is thoroughly hiding her secret, and that is why our heroes will have to do all their best to reconstruct the truth step by step. And it will be not easy to believe in what they will find out…

Project Info

This project is in production phase. The main script for the series, storyboards for all episodes (except dialogues) and all graphics (incl. main and secondary characters, backgrounds and objects are ready.

Target Audience

It is a paradox, but the modern youngsters want to be just like others and at the same time to be absolutely unique in some way, as well.

That is why we tried to think up such characters. They could be neighbors or schoolmates, and it means that their adventures will not leave indifferent our potential spectators - children of 8 years old and older.

The children of that age have a gentle attitude towards the first feelings demonstration. Just like that the Nutty Boy tries to protect the Balcony Girl to the extent that he can, and she allows him to be her companion.

Our spectators love cheerful draws, sometimes dangerous, and our characters are ready for everything to kill the boredom within the walls of the Orphanage, and sometimes these are “games on the verge”.We also have prepared a powerful hook for our target audience, real and freaky adventures, when every minute you wonder “have these people seen my dreams?!”

The children always want something new: a smart phone, a friend, or a gadget. In our every episode the characters will meet more and more unusual personages with incredibly cool gadgets and devices. In addition, the Balcony Girl and the Nutty Boy will get older and become wiser, just like our spectators, but they will keep their “eternal childhood” inside.

So the series will have two additional audiences: the adults, who kept the children’s view at the world, and the prematurely grown-up generation of today’s 6 years old children, who already wants to be special.

Content use for multi-platforms

Considering the fact that humor is an important part of our series, the content for multi-platform may become a mobile application that enables to turn anyone into a Balcony Girl, at least on a photograph. It is also possible to create a multiuser game for stationary and tablet computers, where the users are be able to experience different episodes of the series: save the world from the alien invasion, organize a fashion show, pull up a bathyscaphe with scientists. For games consoles with movement controllers a special version of the game is being worked out with pursuits and fights, flights in flying shoes, and defense of ancient temples from the archaeologists. In all game options the gamers are given an opportunity to purchase additionally special applications either for game currency, or in offline.

The series of the memes for different mobile applications and social networks with the scenes from the series and catch-phrases of the main characters may become simultaneously a way of audience widening and a possibility to monetize recognition of the series characters.

Animated Series for TV and/or web

Children (Ages: 3-8)

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