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Each of us got into some absolutely incredible stories or heard about stunning coincidences and misunderstandings from friends.This series tells about such stories.Three girlfriends met in SPA-salon at a luxurious hotel. As it happens, they gradually became acquainted with the salon's staff - masseurs, administrators and stylists. And as it is customary over the world, the girlfriends trust these “fellow travelers” of the beauty industry all their most secret secrets, shameful and funny.

Conventionally, each of the stories will have a detective component - unfaithful husbands, missing jewels or fatal adventuress. Everything, except cruelty and violence. Almost.

In each episode the viewer, on the one hand, will be a witness of an exciting and intriguing story of the girlfriends and their circle in the SPA-salon, hotel and the surroundings, and will see how simple employees of the salon help to save the protagonists from the cobwebs of the plot.

Sitcom, TV-Series

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